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Faction Rank Limitation

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Umm...hello :shy: yeah  soooo I'm sorta stuck right now on a rank and can't really go higher.  *Hears the panting roar of bullying  pent up animosity with frustrated  burning eyes of in the darkness waiting to devour my young hongmoon soul like starving vultures* You know, I know a lot of people don't really see


an interest for so so many reason yada yada but for a simple minded guppy such as myself it would be cool to have the higher sounding titles not that it


does anything just you know sounds cool lol yeah silly me. Yeaaahh... pure vanity fun stuff don't really want this topic blowing up just wanted to say that


there is a limitation which I'm pretty certain is well knowing of but finally getting to the a pinnacle has some drawbacks  :playdumb:  and would be nice if it were you know ummm unlimited . Those cool sounding ranks locked away is sorta a waste you heard of and seen what it could be but can't get to them yet. Sorta


like the inventory space that we all wish we can unlock and 10 other vaults I'd get to hoard umm everything :D:. If you really decide to put forth the time into doing that of course. Yeahhh that's about all I'll just leave before my soul gets ripped in pieces and this get locked down like WE ARE WORKING ON IT INSECT or the scary meanie who will dissect what I said into a millions pieces and show just why its just not possible here I'll kick myself  across the pool now for you WEEEEEEEEEE :tmi: .. so this is what team rocket goes through 

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