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Blade & Ghoul would be a good event, if...

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1) You don't limit the event's potential with double currencies.


The event shouldn't have double currencies in the first place. It encourages camping bosses and mobs in Zaiwei Ruins, so being gated behind Killer Coins turn off players. While Visasa certainly drops more Killer Coins, it is a rare spawn, and Killer Coins themselves are also RNG to get. 


When a player get enough of hammers for future usage (44 hammers, about 100-200 mobs), they will stop doing the event. No point to do more cuz of the Killer Coins gated, unless they want those 1m EXP charms for their alts.


What happens if there are only Thriller Coins as the event currency, or Thriller Coins can be exchanged for Killer Coins?


Unlimited reward potentials. You can grind the event 24/7 and get many vials/pet packs/other rewards from the event. Assuming you kill 60-70 mobs per hour (require good DPS and less-disturbed farming), you will get enough coins for vial for two hours of grinding. Assuming the one-coin-per-mob buff happens at the beginning of the event, and you only play one hour per day in the area, you will get half of a vial per day. Two days give you one vials. At the end of the event (21 days), you will likely get 10-11 vials. Yeah, this is literally oil-grinding. Even if you only kill half of the required number per day or less, you will still end with at least 4-5 vials at the event end. And this comes along with legendary hammers, non-HM hepta gems and other stuffs, along with a lot of EXP (5-7k per mob with Dragon Soup).


And for players who don't interest in playing in Zaiwei ruins, giving them Killer Coins that offer them no reward except for Large Potion Fortune only annoys them more. If the two coins are unified or exchange-able to each other, they would feel that they should visit the ruins to see how the events are and may actively participate in it when they found it is not bad.


2) You let bosses offer worse coin drops than random mobs


Aside from quests, all bosses have RNG chance to drop more coins from their boxes, in contrast of random mobs that always drop coins (post-buff). This makes players less focused on bosses and more on mobs after they are done with the quests, resulting some channels just outright ignore Scorpio spawns, leaving the NPCs to die. They only gather for Tarakhan for a chance to get bully/wild horse outfit, and Visasa for a chance of rewards.


Bosses should have offer guaranteed coin drops, since they take much longer to spawn. Why doing Scropio for 5m while you can just rek 10 mobs that offers 50-70k EXP, 10 coins and a chance of hammer?


With better coin drops, bosses would provide to be a good income of coins for low-DPS players who take longer to kill a 3-5m HP mobs.


3) You didn't add Wild Horse/Bully Wrap as the reward


Many players struggle to get these items for a long time. They are recently added to arena, but some players really hate PvP and refuse to participate in it. If you just put these items to the list of rewards, there will be more players who are eagerly taking part of the event.

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5 hours ago, KlausFlouride said:

That event ends next week so I doubt it's getting changed between now and then. Don't worry when it comes back next year it will be significantly worse.

Yeah I know. Just hope that if they ever make a similar event in future, they would somehow learn/take feedback from their mistakes.

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