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Thought and suggestions for next Golden Harvest event

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NCWest, you guts the event so bad that I can barely recognize it as one my most favourite event in this game.


From what I read, you are going to limit players to open only 3 boxes per day per character, and make players have reward-tier depend on their performance with solo dungeons (F20, Outlaw and CoS).


Rant aside, here is my suggestions:


1) Instead of asking for dungeon fragments, make the event's own currency. That way, players can skip spending their precious token fragments (especially Master Hong's ones) in a short-term event.


2) If you are keen using dungeon fragments, then change the number of token requirement of Master Hong boxes from 2 to 1. Unlike F20 and Outlaw, bosses in Master Hong has very bad drop rate of token fragments, and they are also the hardest to clear. The daily quest gives 2 fragments, and Master Hong gives 1-2. So  you will effectively need to run 2-3 more times after dailies to complete earn enough tokens for all 3 daily event boxes. For some players (especially high-ping ones), Master Hong is a nightmare to deal with in daily basis already. Not mentioning that they may still need token fragments for their bracelet upgrade. So yeah, it is better from them to just run the daily once and be done with the event that day, instead of dragging out their misery.


3) Since there are many players who already convert their fragments into whole tokens, this event is kinda a slap to their face for choosing doing so. I believe adding transmutation options that gives 5 boxes from a whole token will help alleviate this.


This suggestion is extremely important quality-of-life to make the event less a pain for some players. Plz consider this.





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