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Can't find people for Shadowmoor hm

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Hello, I tried recruiting in faction chat, discord, F8... nothing works.
I just want to do newest dungeon, Shadowmoor hard mode, but it's ridiculously hard to get people/group.

On some days in F8 there is only several groups for it during entire day. When I finally get into group, someone has to go after few runs, and then it takes hours to find another group.

Dear BnS team, please check number of people who recruited in F8 for The Shadowmoor hm, and tell me if you would agree that it is a problem.

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80% of the playerbase doesnt even go near  VT, just on a sell run, and you expect them the run a dungeon that has just as complicated mechs regularly

even RT is a meme for most players


try finding a few ppl and make a static group, or join one of those elitist clans,but i guess since ur asking for hm, you are probably in one already

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