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Can't find a Battlegrounds Game?

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It's not like I queue every day, but I have queued a few dozen times in the last few years. I just wanna farm moonstones.
Sometimes I've queued for literally over an hour. Yet, in the last two years, I've LITERALLY NEVER FOUND A GAME. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW 6v6 WORKS BECAUSE I'VE NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO TRY IT.
Is the game broken? Or is Battlegrounds really just dead?  

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It's frenzy time +1-2 hours afterwards. For people who still want to prove something or had an unlucky streak and want to finish up quests.


During late frenzy phase I literally get matches in under 1 minute. After Frenzy maybe 2-10 minutes. Worse and worse the later, really.

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