Hi GM Team,
I wrote in and was ask to post my feedback here. So here it goes. For clan costume crafting, it requires an item called Stylish Guerilla Bandana Design.   This is old content material which hardly anyone does these days, even for a period of time, we only found 1 piece in the market worth 10gold.  May we request for this item to be in F10 Hongmoon Store so that it is at least another available source to acquire it and in a way, it helps support the game.   PS: (The version in the F10 now is not the "stylish version") Thanks.       Update: Its been a month since we posted our feedback. nothing has been done to our request despite us expressing our intention to use Ncoin to buy the item which doesn't even affect any tiny bit of game balance.    So yups, guess we only can depend on the community for now since farming the indicated dungeons didn't yield any results. RNG didn't bless us (not blaming anyone in particular)
Therefore, we hope (veteran) players who may have characters that have visited those dungeons (namely: Sogun's Lament and Awaken Necropolis) who may have the following item below can sell it to us out of goodwill.    Item being said is:  Stylish Guerilla Bandana Design   We are in Zulia Server (NA) In game name : Azurelise   Private message me in game. Mostly around 10.00pm - 11.30PM GMT+8 Singapore time.
If I am offline, would appreciate if you can drop me a mail. I'll get back to you for sure.

Thank you