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EO2018 fixed, then EO2024 fixed, then EO2018...time for a new launcher NCSoft?


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Hey everybody,


So i played Wildstar when it first came out and installed the game fine the first time around.  Stopped playing, uninstalled the game, a few months later came back to reinstall the game and thats when i had issues trying to reinstall. I messed around with the NC launcher, moving files, deleting files, whatever and got it working.  Then Blade and Soul got released and i tried this game out too.  First time playing it the install went fine too.  But then decided to stop playing then came back months later and tried to reinstall and same issues as Wildstar.  Had to mess around with the NC launcher, move files, mess with file entries, rename files etc etc.


Anyways i just tried to reinstall again today and got an EO2018 which i managed to fix.  Then i go an EO2024 error and then i fixed that.  Tried to continue with the install and an EO2018 error came up...so yah.  I think i'll just go try reinstalling BDO or GW2 or something.  But has NCSoft considered maybe reworking the way their launcher works? the same issue was there in Wildstar and its here in Blade and Soul as well.  I'm sure there is something i can do with my PC settings like messing with the MSconfig or disabling AV, or waiting until there's a full moon before trying a reinstall.  But how many other games out there have you going through those kinds of hoops just to get it reinstalled?

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