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Weekly Challenge's Battleground Key - Change it to a reward of choice

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As part of weekly challenge's rewards, the game gives you 4 Battleground Keys.


While it is certainly a useful reward for 6v6 players, it is completely useless to pure PvE players, or to Arena-PvP players who prefer a gear-equalized environment where they can just jump straight in and fight.


I suggest that upon complete the weekly challenge, instead of Battleground Keys, you should offer a chest of choice where you can right click on select a reward of desire:


-For 6v6 players: you still get 4 Battleground Keys

-For Arena players: you can get 4 Arena Keys

-For Pure PvE players: the reward is debatable, but I think it should be either treasure pouches/chests, or allow players to select between Raven Feather/Hive Queen's Wings/Grand Celestial Wings. I believe these would prove more useful than giving PvE players Battleground keys that PvE players will never use.

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