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Can the three bosses for "Brawl in the Basin" be able to tag by everyone?

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Would be cool if everyone can just go and tag the boss for quest credit.


I tried to party with people to share the credit, but not all of them agree, even if they are low-geared and have all the time, as it takes some of them like 30s to kill the boss.


Change channel may end up to a channel where the boss is already killed. So either wait, go to other bosses, or log out to reset channel switch.


Just small quality of life improvement.

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Just do a party request if you find someone fighting one of the bosses you wish to kill. Otherwise, consider going to another boss. The Mecha-Man in Aomak Temple isn't as staked out as the others. And heck, sometimes you just get bad luck. Go do other DC and come back later.

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