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Why is buying NCoin so inconsistent?

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i came back to the game after a break from about a half year. All together i (shame on me) spent a lot money on NCoin in this game over time and still have nothing against it to buy some from time to time. But since i came back i mostly have to wait the "up to 12hours" until i receive my NCoin. This is really annoying because i missed several daily deals caused by the long waiting time. I get that there are Security Checks if you buy for the first time. But i think i have spent easily 2000+ € on this game and still have to wait when i want to pay more? Yesterday i purchased 4000NCoin (got the message with "waiting up to 12hrs" again) and 2400Ncoin (it was immediately confirmed and i got them in the same moment, i was surprised) after 7Hours i got a mail which confirmed my order about the 4000NCoin, but i didnt receive any. I waited again and after a total waiting of 17Hours there was still nothing. I checked my NCSOFT account and it suddenly showed me in the transaction history that i got my money for the 4000NCoin refunded???

I was confused and just tried again to buy those NCoin...aaaaaand got again that stupid message that i may have to wait 12hrs. Why is it such a pain to give them my money? With all these drooling for more money events lately, i would think it would be normal to make it comfortable for the customers to buy stuff. Does anyone else have such problem with purchasing or am i the only long time customer which constantly has to wait and pray?

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that was never the case before i had a break from the game, i always got my ncoin immediately after purchasing. And as i said above, i did 2 orders in a row, the first with 4000ncoin which they wanted a confirmation with 12hr waiting time (which got confirmed but somehow still canceled) and 2400ncoin only a few seconds later, which i received immediately without even having my first order confirmed. before these two orders i also had to wait hours for smaller amounts of ncoin. for me this is just messy and annoying

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I think they're having problems with that, i buy NCoins on other legal websites, off-gamers + amazon, i think i can say the names here since they're legal and trusty.

U get the code to apply on b&s website in less than 30 minutes, most of the times takes 2-3 minutes.

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