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As expected, the event is garbage. Offer something else.

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Title. The HP boost didn't change a thing, all bosses die in 4 seconds and there's literally no way to pick any loot unless you're a full-fledged whale. Make a new, proper and rewarding event, not som

PSA - Stop fighting with each other. Infighting is not feedback and will not help anything. Thanks.   Ok so anyway, this event is looking pretty bad. It's quite difficult to get credit

KR is the only server who gives profit to NCSoft, look to ncsoft west team, 3 were fired, this game is closer and closer to just end like wildcard, they don't care about EU & NA, they don't get th

On 10/18/2018 at 2:09 AM, Showta said:

I'm trying!!!


They did do great last event, I've said that

but this one is just awful


I think part of the problem is this "every month there's an event" thing. I feel like it didnt used to be that way in MMOs.

An event is supposed to be an EVENT! A TO-DO!!! Something that gets everyones attention that they just CAN'T afford to miss!!
But if you have an "event" every single day, then it's not anything special anymore and I think that's where we're at.

It's Halloween! We were supposed to have a SHEBANG!
But instead we get some mediocre prizes-Listen, the idea itself to me was not that bad. If they added in pleny of channels and raised the HP up by a LOT?
AND had these bosses drop amazing loot, Halloween accessories/cosmetics, Halloween raid treats, ACTUAL materials that would help everyone gear so they can ACTUALLY play the game-DANG!! That would have been an EVENT!!
That would have pulled everyones attention in like it was must see tv. That would have put BnS in the spotlight as THE MMO to spend your Halloween season in. but this??
No rewards. Laggy as hell, too crowded. HP too low. No free halloween anything-you essentially have to pay real money for it or farm for weeks.
...........I mean.............I just don't know what any of them are thinking. Do none of them actually play MMOS?? I know beth does-beth, cant you talk some sense into them??

Cmon girl, help us out...we out here dyin....

100% agree with you.


Event are supposed to be special, fun.


They only do it to keep us entertained and busy (stuck in the game). It is a good strategy, but only if well designed.


This is causing a massive burnout on our community, as they feel like is always the same thing/ a lot of work or our devs run out ideas. We do have a lot to do (weeklies, dailies, raids, dungeons, pvp) and at some point we just got tired of this “second job”.


I believe if we should have only 5 WELL DESIGNED EVENTS per year, like:



July Vacations,





Or even less would be acceptable. Event should be something exclusive and rewarding, not this trash hole we r having right now.

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In the first few days, it was possible to find people all around who would help spawn the bosses, and although useful drop rates were low, it was bearable. For me, legendary jewels and elements made the grinding worth it. Unfortunately, for the last few days on my server, it's been a ghost town.


Very few people are still around but all they are doing is killing the demons on the roads. Han keeps dying, Monkey king gets injured and retreats, good luck if you hope to see people to clear packs at Gossamer Inn.


It's really disappointing. It is as if the attempt to address the initial over-population of channels made it much worse for people who are actually interested in the event. I really wish NCSoft made drop rates better to entice people.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb sc0r:

Unfortunately, for the last few days on my server, it's been a ghost town.

Thats less to do with the channels and more to do with the events shitty nature. Same happened to the frozen firing range, more and more people realized its not worth to do all that the event ask you to do and end up skipping more and more.



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Well, i farmed there for a few hours now and it is not so bad, the mobs drop a decent amount of sacred and Elysian crystals all the time and a lot of Legendary gem hammers.

I only wish the Jewel Boxes were account bound so i could send them to my alts, don't wanna farm the 6-8 million HP trash with my 1050 AP chars ^^.



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18 hours ago, MissHaiko said:

On vacation, skipping event since it started :victory:

Same here, have to admit this is the very first time I'm skipping an "event" in BnS, it speaks volumes on how trash and unenticing it is. The one we should get on December better be 100 times more fun and rewarding.

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On 10/23/2018 at 1:35 AM, Liinxy said:

Based off of your feedback, the development team has made adjustments to the Blade & Ghoul event that will go live after maintenance this week.

Liinxy created a topic in General Discussion


We lost 1 week! Thank you..

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