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Valentine's Heart - Make it a pet appearance

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Valentine's True Heart can be considered as the biggest thumb-down in term of event quality. Players spent a lot of time to get the True Heart for its cool aura, just then getting their bragging-right shot down to oblivion when the proper Heart item is released, turning the cosmetic heart into something entirely useless. You cannot skin the Valentine's Heart into the Heart item, and cannot use the Valentine's Heart in any meaningful way for the Heart, like giving some cost reduction.


To make it worse, it seems NCSoft has given up on developing this cosmetic heart. It has a bug to phase out the aura effect after a windstride. NCSoft's solution? Add a small text of warning to the item's description, effectively turning the bug into a "feature".


I don't own the Heart, but I saw my friends and my clanmates ranting about wasting a lot of time pvping and line-up at the wheels, just to get an entirely-useless items. They should have sold the wheel-spinning essences for one gold each instead.


So, I suggest to let players antique Valentine's Heart into a pet appearance It will give players the aura effect as a type of "pet appearance" instead. Of course, there will be no pet showing. Just the aura swirling around the player's character.




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