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Hackers in PVP?


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Idk I win some and I lose some but I just went against a Warlock that stood still for 2 minutes wasting my time, standing still completely invincible doing absolutely nothing. Then suddenly I died in one hit, 100-0. My connection was just fine, wasn't lag, he just stood there with a permanent resist and then randomly one-shotted me.
Then earlier in the week I went up against a SF that aircombo'd me 13 times in a row from beginning to end of each round (literally impossible to escape). I'm not saying he knocked me up that many times during the whole fight, I quite literally mean that I was shot up as I was falling 13 times in a row. Can't silver show names so hackers can be banned?
And what a bizarre choice of hacks because that was weird, but there's no other explanation.

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