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Game crashes over and over again (64bit).


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Yo guys, I'm pretty desperate right now and I can't seem to find any solution to my problem.


I just downloaded the game and whilst downloading I was able to play the game for around 1 hour straight without any problems or crashes but as soon as my download finished completly and the ncsoft launcher updated I can't play longer than 2-5 minutes before the game just crashes on me and gives me the "B&S 64 Client doesn't work anymore" message.

I updated my graphics card drivers, I deactivated my firewall, I disabled my Antivir (Avast) and searched and installed the newest Windows update available but despite of all of my effort I just can't seem to find a solution to this problem at all.


When I try to start the game in 32bit mode it doesn't even start up at all and gives me another error message. I just wanted to have fun with the game and play but I tried for hours now and I can't seem to fix my problem at all.


If anyone could help me out somehow, I'd be really grateful!!!

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