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Owing us for game drops


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I have dropped over 100 times and log in dead. You can fix this by re spawning in alive.  All you have to do is make it so you are not dead when PEOPLE log in so that THEY can re enter match. Tired of the 7 min ban for BLADE AND SOUL inability to think outside the box to defeat this problem. EVERY player that plays in battlegrounds is sick of this. Stats of peoples p.c do not matter the dc's continue to be a problem. I've stated this so many times and even had a gm tell me that was a smart fix. Yet nothing but a spot in a forum with something that isn't fixing anything. I have a simple solution for you guys right here. Be smart show your PLAYERS that you care. It's a small re code. Rank, BP and punishment are fine if you drop and don't come back. People who want to come back and its not there fault should be allowed back in and retain the stuff they work hard for.Your game dropping is the cause and ressing in dead is the secondary cause for YOUR PLAYERS LOSS . That would be N.C soft fault for logging in dead with a grayed out option to rejoin. I know for a fact its not our p.c fault or I'd more then likely be the only one. I see it happen in at least 5 games a night now. LETS get THIS FIXED NOW. THIS is something that N.C SOFT TEAM can control. JUST RES IN ALIVE. I think you owe your players a event for the drops personally. There are playes who spend alot of money on this game. I am sure some people get 60mins ban due to no fault of their own. However it can be avoided with the ban still in place for people who drop intentionally. They just dont come back and lose their stuff like normal. ANY and all players that have an issue speak up. If our voice is heard it'll be fixed.

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