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Huge complaint on behalf of f2p players

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So.. those who watched the latest blade and soul patch stream have noticed that bg keys are being removed... forgive if I'm correct but understand it so that after the patch you will then need to be gold ranked in bg to purchase the chest for gold ranked players to get the same amount of moonstones as you would right now with the chest for any rank player. Also. The chest will now contain more moonstone crystals. I don't get where people will get their tradeable mats from to craft premium transformation stones or just transformation stones or empyrian spirit stones. 

Wtf bns? Where do you think ppl get tradeable mats nowadays? They don't drop from f8 dungeon reward chests anymore if you can remember. The only ways left for farming tradeable materials is arena for soul stones  and battlegrounds for moonstones. The rest come from weekly reward chest. 

I honestly feel like this game just died on f2p players cause battlegrounds was my only way of making decent gold. Besides doing HH,DD,SSM,SST every day on every single alt + event dungeons but the f8 dungeon method can only bring me around 45g at best. And around 2 years ago people could make 100g easily if they put in the time and do all the purples excluding anything above naryu sanctum. Now many would be saying that I want easy gold being f2p at the same which is not true. I used to do all the purples before the gold nerf and honestly if they brought the gold reward back as it used to be and mats drop rate I wouldn't complain. I farm events of 3 to 2 alts at least including my main and I farm bg on 2 characters. I don't complain on this game being too grindy as it is right now but i feel like it would be hella grindy if you needed to be gold ranked in bg to make the same amount of gold in moonstones as you would being a bronze player. If this isnt a nerf to you then idk what is.. now with bg being hard farm whales wont have any plebs to feed on and show off their awesome diamond pvp oneshot skills. at this point decreasing the rewards in bg chest it just makes me feel like farming g will only get harder and harder for f2p since the gold reward from f8 daillies got nerfed and now battlegrounds with moonstones. It feels like making gold will only get harder and harder until it becomes impossible. I don't mind having to play bg on 2 characters and do events on 3 characters to gear up. But now if the bg chest reward nerf is it even worth it anymore? To get gold ranked in bg is a bit difficult when you get oneshot by whales and you need pvp skills and good gear for getting that gold rank. And im not complaining cause i suck at pvp. Im actually gold ranked in beluga but think about those who dont have pvp gear? Or pvp skills? Is it even worth it to spend gold on pvp gear when in the end you will have to farm bg for years just to make up for it? And also how will you farm good pvp gear if you can't make enough gold as silver or bronze ranked player to upgrade both your pvp and pve gear?

I really didn't think this game would die on f2p players so fast. I was just about to upgrade my pvp weapon to dragon forge a few days ago because I was thinking of investing in bg. Now  when they told these changes are going to be made I completely felt like my only way of gearing up and not being a burden to whales that don't want anyone in their party with lower gear. 

I expected this game to be playable for f2p for at least 1 or 2 more years at longest. But these big changes hit me like a buss. How do whales even farm any gold? Do they buy it off f9 whenever they need a premium transformation stone? Or does every person that spent over 300 euros on this game have good rng for succeeding its transmute? 

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This isnt a nerf. they actually put the moonstones where they belong since moonstones and soulstones are PVP resources. Thus obtained through pvp.

also all oyu need is gold rank in 1 of the 3 battlegrounds. Then you can famr the other 2 for points.

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You can just save up BP and wait until you reach gold in one of the BGs. This will either materialize by chance during the crazy start of season boost phase or near the end of season when ratings have expanded.


Unless you cannot play 6v6 on a competitive level anyway, because it's an alt or you are a casual player. But even then silver chests don't offer that bad of a payout.

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