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Improve bonus rewards when party has a member with less than 10-run

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I call them 10-run newbies, though they are not necessary fresh meats.


Anyway, when you finish a dungeon run from DT to EL with those newbies, you will receive some bonus reward from loots, and an extra chest in dynamic quest. Let leave the loot aside, cuz I only want to talk about the extra chest.


The extra chests contain weapon chests and something soul shields of the respective dungeons. Great if you want IF, EL weapons for upgrade, or for weapon skin collection, or soul shield collection achievement. However, after you pass these, the extra chests become redundant and no longer offer anything interesting.


I think that there should a  choice here, by adding a material chest (the one with soul/moon/sacred/elysian crystals). With that, players who seek for weapon/soul shield can still get them, while other players can get a bonus material chest as a nice reward for helping someone with less than 10 runs of the dungeons.


Also, plz add dungeon accessories to the weapon/soul shield chests, like the ones in the past. It becomes a cringy grind when you have to run these old dungeons for a specific piece of accessory, such as Oblivion accessories. 

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