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being stuck on the same percentage


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i was having an issue where i was stuck on 11% and got somewhat a fix where i change the actual Network Adapter Settings DNS to 8888 and 8844 and then when the launcher got to actually doing the "update" process it was stuck at 1% for half an hour. I did have a few error codes the first time before i changed my DNS server numbers but i assumed it was just going to tell me to "relaunch the launcher" which seems to be what it was but failed to note the error code and it never popped up again only being stuck on 11%.


Currently i'm trying to re-install B&S and it appears to be stuck at 0%.


Note that i may not come back to this forum thread to update my progress. Also i would think a forum moderator would create a "super thread" for everyone who did a similar forum thread concerning the update launcher.

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