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Let us trade Cores for accessories/weapons that are used as breakthrough materials

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I saw a Warden complain about having to run 50+ Drowning Deeps run to get a Numok Bracelet for his Master Hong's bracelet, but still in vain. He was ready to bid 500-1000g just to skip his misery.


I saw a returning Warlock wanting to kill himself after 20 runs of Awakened Necropolis to get Lucent Earring, which he unfortunately did not receive from story quests. Pretty much solo the whole thing since no one wants to run it, unless they want the same thing as him, which means more competitors.


"I saw a <Class X> who have to run <Y times> of <Dungeon Z> to get <AcessoryW>" is a common formula you can see in those dungeon spammers. They are depressing and desperate, thanks to being played around by RNG. They can run a dungeon enough times to even gather 200 cores to get a legendary-tier accessories, enough gold to buy a few oils/PTS from selling materials, but still gains nothing they want.


I think the core addition, which is unique to NA/EU players, already a great help to assist the reduction of RNG-ness of this RNG-rigged game. I believe NCWest should come a step further with the cores: adding breakthrough weapon chests/accessories to the list, to further lessen players misery.


Of course, nothing will come for free. You have to earn it.


In short, NCWest should:


-Add weapon chests/accessories to the core-trading list.

-For Lucent, Oblivion accessories, they should be traded for 50 and 75 cores, respectively. Oblivion requires 10 runs of DT/EC, or require first run/nothing.

-For Mechanizer, Dark Vicar weapons, they should be tradable with 100 Draken Cores each. Require 10 run of IF/EL, or first-run.

-For any weapon/accessory drop from Starstone Mines and above, ask players do 10 runs of dungeons, and ask for 100 Hellion Cores on weapon/accessories. Unlike Draken Cores, Hellion Cores nees to be grinded, which will keep new players motivated for a while, and act as a good anti-frustration too.

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Honestly, I can agree with this... not just because of how irritating it is to grind for these accessories in dungeons, but also just for a reason to make Draken Cores (and to a lesser extent Hellion Cores) more valuable.


Let's face it... once you've gotten the legendary accessories from DT, EC, NF and NS, you don't need Draken Cores for anything... but since they're DC, you're going to have a ton of them in time. If you could use them to buy other items (such as upgrade material) or, even upgrade them somehow into Hellion Cores, they'd be more useful.

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