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My thought on the story of Act 9 *spoiler*

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Two words: annoying, and depressing.


Act 9 is obviously made to a be tearjerking moment. So many characters close to Cricket and young Jinsoyun died. And their deaths were for each other:

-The Lyn boy died cuz he insisted staying until Ryu was "saved".

-His sister died because she shielded for Jinsoyun.

-Jinbin, the Jin boy died because he stopped his master from committing a crime for their sake, thus angering Mushin.


Yeah, the act is sad. The final mourning scene was heart-breaking However, coming hand-in-hand with this depressing feeling is the feeling of annoyance.


Why it is annoying? Because, once again, the story writers select a way that I believe every player hate to resolve the story: portraying the incompetence of Cricket, the player's character. For the sake of drama, writers make Cricket super naive that never learns a lesson, turn him/her into a betrayal-magnet where there are at least a betrayal per Act, and push the cutscene incompetence to maximum despite of being the current Master of Hongmoon School. To make it worse, the writers also create some loopholes to the story, making the whole act become unbelievable dramatic.


Let me tell you my thought as I progress through the act:


-The thing with Sacred Beast's Heart to prevent your death in future: this is kinda random and out of nowhere. In very early acts, the player had to travel in the whole Moonwater Plains, asking to receive Sacred Beast's Chi to counter Mark of the Black Rose gnawing their body. In this act, some rich boy suddenly owned a Sacred Beast's Heart and was happened to be conveniently near you, and you easily got that "supposed-to-be-super-rare" item just by winning three fights. I think this act was just an excuse to re-introduce the successor of the Eight Master (still 7 cuz no one successes Zulia).


-Bringing your disciples to a dangerous territory: yeah, as if the enemy won't think about taking them hostages. Maybe it can be explained that leaving them behind make them vulnerable to attacks, like what happened when Cricket left them behind to help Poharan and they got attacked by Zulia. However, Cricket can just ask someone to take care of his disciples instead of making all of them facing dangers, in which these disciples would become certainly dead-weight. 


-Getting phantom gripped, AGAIN: like, every 3-4 acts, your character gets phantom gripped. EASILY. Lusung phantom gripped you (twice, in main story and BT-raid story). A random pirate Force Master phantom gripped you. An Ebondrake ASSASSIN phantom gripped you. Why the heck is Cricket so easy to get Phantom Gripped? Is he/she has some kind of magnetism mechanism built-in and attracts all kind of phantom force? Why don't enemy just chain Phantom Grip the helpless Cricket to their base, lol?


-Jinsoyun refused to participate in any fight during their runs: when you lead your disciples running away, you may notice that Jinsoyun did not help to fend off enemies. While she is a delicate girl who is prone to be Damsel in Distress, she is a freaking DISCIPLE of Hongmoon school. You spend YEARS to train her and other disciples about martial arts. You even saw cutscene of hers practicing with a sword. Even Jinbin who started to learn at the same time as her can fight properly. But no, you now have a complete dead-weight. Yeah she is cute, but it seems every misery of Cricket comes from her, both adult and young version.


-The Lyn boy nagging to stay behind until Ryu was rescued so that they could leave together: While his reason was understandable, he failed to realize that the whole group was in a deadly danger that can cost everyone's life.. Well, he was a child - a pretty aggressive one too, so that may be the reason. However, the biggest failure here was Cricket, who was so push-over to listen to a child's rant and go along with it. This shows that Cricket has zero dignity of a Master and the disciples treated their Master like a powerful friend. Supposedly, as a Master, Cricket should have denied his tantrum, tried to send them to true safety first before searching for Ryu. If the boy did not listen, just gave him a punch to the guts, or a slap to a face so that you can shut him up. He may still die later cuz I can imagine him running off on his own and got caught, but at least, Cricket actively tried to prevent it.


-Betrayal: yeah, the recurring theme of BnS: Revenge - Naivety - Betrayal - Forgiving . Not surprised when it happened from Ryu, since he was clearly fishy. And Cricket never learns to doubt, as usual.


-Yunma Fei came to aid: A super biggest loophole: First, it was her who warned us to not come to the enemy's territory, then she came to the enemy's territory herself. ALONE. WITHOUT ANY TROOP. Yunma Fei was no fool. She was a leader of the Resistance force when Jinsoyun was still in power. She was smart enough to have a double during act 3, and she pretty much avoided her death in that act when Yura attacked her double. And that girl went straight to danger without giving a thought. Talking about skills, while Yumma Fei can at least protect herself, her skill looks like to better than just a random Stratus Soldier at best. Heck, I think even a random Ebondrake assassin can kill her easily. She is definitely someone you don't want to meet within the enemy's playground, when you already had a bunch of children to care for. If would be more better and logicial, if she sent her elite body guards, either Junghado or Yu Chun (I prefer Junghado, because he had experience of traveling) to help, as they are clearly more skilled than Yunma Fei herself. She may still get caught because Cricket opened the darn Dragon Pulse that lead straight to Zaiwei, allowing Stratus Empire to directly attack the palace and take away the Empress. Sound a lot more logical than she tried to solo the thing.


-Namsoyoo: figured that she was here cuz her bloodline was important. At least, she served to make the Status General an ally to Cricket. When looking at her, I missed Gwon instead. Ironically despite of being sought after as a sacrifice and super helpless, she outlives everyone.


-Crickets unable to protect Lyn girl and Jinbin: okay, the first might happened too fast for Cricket to react. However, the latter clearly happened long enough to do so. Cricket had plenty of time to jump between Mushin and Jinbin to take the hit aiming to kill the boy. But no, the best Cricket could do was reaching hand to the air, helplessly looking at the enemies slaughtering his disciples. This happened TWICE in a single cutscene. Even if the boy needed to die, at least he died while his Master tried to protect him instead of just standing there like a incompetent idiot.


-Mushin's whole plan behind the scene: one word - STUPID. If he gets the Twilight's Edge and Namsoyoo as sacrifice, he already has enough things to make successful Heaven's Mandate. But no, let be more evil, take Cricket's disciples as hostages, make Cricket feel helpless and miserable, and nearly risk to fail the ritual if his blood isn't qualified. The last part is important and stupid at the same time. If his blood is not qualified, then it may open a gate to Demon Realm and wreak havoc the whole Dasari Palace, like what has happened to Necropolis in Moonwater. Actually, that would be a better ending cuz at least we can see Mushin's being failed after many of our disciples have died. Jinbin's death would have a more significant meaning. But no, Mushin must be a favourite villian, so writers make him succeed by luck instead. Yeah, it was by luck he discovered his blood work too, but it trivialized the role of Namsoyoo as a necessary sacrifice, making Jinbin's death just another death, and make you wonder if he is actually a smart mastermind, or just a lucky villian.


Edit; Add my rant about Phantom Grip used too frequently in the story.

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The only good thing about this act was that Namsoyoo wasn't as super arrogant because she realized that getting what she wanted (royalty) meant people kept trying to ritual sacrifice her left and right.


Mushin's whole "I'm the good guy you're the bad guy let's be one" crap at the end was total BS and just plain weird. 


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The worst part about the story is that our character stays getting their butt kicked seriously, with all they've been through and learned, harnessing all sort of power you would think they wouldn't get defeated so easily. I would think they would be smarter as well. Also hate that they made the children die while our character acts so defenseless, story got dumber and dumber as it progressed.


On that note the saddest part was seeing both Jinsoyun and my character mourning in the rain yet somehow I got more upset that it could've all been avoided especially with the various warnings Jinsoyun gave our character about things not seeming right.

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I wholeheartedly agree. The writers have abandoned all concern for the main character for the sake of telling the story (as if you were never in it). You can't pull the "Chosen One" card, clearly have the character develop their skills and power as you move along, then treat that same character as if he's still Level 1 and just out of Heaven's Reach, being ragdolled by anyone and everyone. So many cutscenes that show how easily you are beat up by the enemy whose face you wiped the floor with only moments earlier. 

Just because we are running through this big scheme of things, I can allow for some innocence, some poor choices, but really, what did we do in this act? What did we affect? What did the character do throughout running to save the lives of their apprentices (and failing), trying to convert Ryu (and failing), trying to stop Dowager (and failing)... 

And lets not even count the things we did not bother doing at all, like trying to stop the Mandate, trying to stop the apprentices from getting killed, trying to, I don't know, INVADE THE CAPITAL OF STRATUS WITH THAT NEWLY OPENED DRAGON PULSE (well, that wasn't us, but still). Our character just stands by and watches as all their accomplishents are being brushed aside and their objectives ruined one after the other. This character does not deserve to mourn the death of their loved ones while idly sitting by while they are killed. Remember all that guilt-tripping for not being able to protect your fellow Hongmoon students when Jinsoyun attacked? At least then you'd tried, and you were Level 3. 

I'm not normally all up-in-arms about this, but can we actually petition that this be changed? Our guy/gal just waddles through from one failure to another. Any chance the writers could throw us a glance and consider the fact that our character reached all those places and did all those deeds before being shamelessly defeated by their student (whom they brutally beat up THREE TIMES IN THE SAME ACT before that cutscene)? 

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4 hours ago, SalemK said:

I wonder how Old Man Cho feels after cricket lets both his grandchildren die. If I were him I would never give cricket another windwalking ability

Cho does get to talk with the player (remember one of the announcements of this episode was the upgrade to your windwalk to 40k points). I won't spoil what he says if you haven't done it yet.


As for the rest, I'm also posting in the "Little girl in the rain" thread. But I agree quite a few things felt badly written for the sake of constructing a certain type of finale. It's like they had the finale all written well before the rest of the story, and they are fitting that story to this exact finale, no matter how broken it gets.


So many events could have been avoided or at least made in such a way that the player didn't look like a total dolt. First. Leave the kids in Zaiwei, damnit! From the very start when Yumna fei shows the letter to Cricket, everyone KNOWS it was going to be a trap. Maybe we need an Admiral Ackbar character here (After all, this game has Yogi bear, Timon and Pumba among others as joke characters...). Then Yumna fei herself falling directly into said trap too, in her dumbest act ever. That was a very facepalming event indeed. But before all of this, wouldn't Cricket just stay in Zaiwei and just awaited information from the Talus party beforehand? I mean, if Cricket feared about leaving the kids behind with the already proven incompetent Zaiwei security, he should have stayed with them. But noooo! Every concern for security and preservation of self and the ones he's tasked to care for goes out of the window at the mention of the POSSIBILITY of finding Ryu. Still. Funny that Ryu is now stronger than Cricket..... wait... EVERYONE in this damn story is still more powerful than Cricket.... Heck, even the Yes Men at the Cinderlands had a better intro (which was damn cool if you ask me).


Also, shouldn't Yumna Fei and Namsoyo be like sisters or something? Why they had absolutely NO interaction when they were together? I mean, I wouldn't expect a dramatic hug or anything, but Yumna Fei should have known about the tale of the separated siblings by now. So at least a mild exchange of words to acknowledge the fact would have been nice.


Another dumb moment was when Cricket and that general guy ran to the prince's place. They fought the Ebondrake only to find the prince under the peaceful care of... the Ebondrake? Are there good and bad ebondrake now? Why the Ebondrake even went through the trouble of killing those soldiers when they could have just ordered them to leave? (as the letter Cricket finds actually says?) And then the non ebondrake guys in front of the prince's place didn't even see all the death in front of them? This part of the story makes zero sense to me and felt like ultra cheap filler. At least at the end the general did note the Dowager using dark arts and was angry for it. So not everything was abysmal writing.


Lastly. What about Zulia? What about Gubong? They just poofed and nothing else is known about them. And nobody even seems to remember them after the fact.

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Hmmmm... Well, I'm not going to agree or disagree with anyone. I'm not going to sit here and justify things either as I have no idea what our character is thinking or even the writers, so I have no idea what they would say at that point or are trying to do. I also don't think our characters are meant to be unstoppable and although most would enjoy if that is the case, if they was then there would be no point to the story at all. I mean at Level 50 you would be the strongest there is. * Beep End game. Start a new game and play again* That would be completely boring and annoying if ask me. I do agree our character gets beaten a lot and I'll agree that gets annoying as well. I mean the last best cutscene for our character I think was at level 50 when they gained the True Hongmoon Arts. I remember Master Hong stated that they have opened themselves up to infinite greatness, but I think he overexaggerated and I don't think it's exactly as infinite or great as it is put out to be or maybe it just as infinite or as great as our level allows it to be.


What I did find interesting and valuable is the fact Mushin opened anther Divine Mandate Ritual unless I'm mistaken. I have plans for that in my story I'm working on, but that story has some similarities and differences to it as well. The story is much easier to write as people are able to understand what is going on through a person or characters head especially when they are thinking to themselves or when explaining the characters actions throughout the story. The difficulty about writing a story is figuring new things out such as inventory, wardrobe, gear, etc. 


Now back to the reason of the post. The only real thing I'm confused about as I basically ignore the rest of stuff unless I find it cool or interesting. Is the twilight Edge. Is there like several of them or have I missed something? If I remember correctly I saw a clip where Mushin gained the Twilight Edge from Zulia, our character is collecting and searching for pieces of the Twilight Edge, and if I'm remembering correctly I think Jinoyung used the Twilight Edge during her battle with Ryu unless that was a regular blade. Something seems strange about all this. Anyway, I do agree that some of the story was disappointing, sad, and annoying while some of the story was enjoyable. Like the battle with Jinsoyun which was great. I enjoyed that scene very much.


Maybe some of this story will flesh out later on as the levels increase as I don't think we are anywhere near high enough ready to face Mushin yet. That will probably come around level 100 give or take. 

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