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The Shadowmoor: Hidden Bug/Don´t Soulburn during mechs

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So i've been doing Shadowmoor everyday and usually im always doing mechs either curse or cut, and some of times the mark/cutter dies doing the mechs phase  without apparently reason... we start thinking maybe we pulled too soon or too late, or even hit the pools without noticing, anything at all.

The other day i did 3 man and we all know the mechs perfectly and for no reason the same thing happend again the marker/cut dies with no apparent reason so we tried to do with different strategies trying to figure it out why it was killing and we found out is that if you Soulburn doing the mechs phase the mark/cut dies...


Apparently Soulburn removes a certain buff that keeps the mark/cut from dieing when switching phase...


I honestly don't know what to react... So yeah guys until they "fix" this issue dont use Soulburn during mech phase.

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