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Lvl50 voucher contents

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I deleted a lvl55 character a few months back because I was getting tired of not doing anything while waiting for a new expansion (I'm a noob so can't really do big dungeons like BT/VT/TT), and then I stopped playing. Returned to the game last weekend and suddenly I miss that character, so now I'm thinking to buy a lvl50 voucher to re-create the character to avoid the vigorous leveling. So I'm curious, does the voucher include the outfits you receive with the main quest?



On another note, would NCSoft be able to restore a character? It's not necessary and I understand the game said that it's irreversible when I deleted the character, but I'm just curious, is there even the slightest chance? I'm just kinda hung up on an outfit that I couldn't mail to my other characters so I had to delete it with the character.


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