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holy fire trancendance merge

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There is no choosing route for 1 combination of badges. If u want Holy/trans - its called Eon, and Limitless is already a different combination, between Holy/Courage.

In my opinion, for lower ap fire gunners i suggest or Holy alone or Eon. If you use simple mode, you should turn of True shot in the skills. Because Holy badge gives you higher chance to proc your 3 skill, after you use Unload (F). So when you use Holy fire, your 3 skill will proc alot. Everytime you proc 3, you get 2 bullets in your gun, and if you use True shot, which becomes available as soon as you use 3, you get 3 more bullets. And this is awsome, but in simple mode, if it happens that you proc 3, then you use True shot, there is high chance that you will not have time to use your 5 unload bullets, and already new 3 + true shot will proc. So without simple mode, you dont have to turn off your True shot, but then dont press 3 until your gun is not empty. And with simple mode, just turn off True shot because your 3 will proc so many times that those 2 bullets from it will follow you trough whole battle. I hope your understod what i said.

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