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Lobby Bug in 2k18

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Will you ever consider doing something about this ? ... or at least giving us a faster option to check for a bit of less frustration ? Wasting half an hour each time constantly leveling from 1 to 15 for more angery ?

It's been 3 days, like 20 presets, even my working FM alt's preset becomes invisible after tweaking body a bit. I tried different combinations, had to change face/eye settings so many times that it looks nothing like i initially wanted to make anymore. Making a working one without completely destroying your character's face is rarer than a 3-star crit in trove.

How come you expect me to buy a lvl 50 voucher for a character that is invisible or something that i am no longer happy with after turning it into a freak just to fix your 3 years old bug ?


Warden ? heh ... i am not hyped up anymore thanks.

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