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best pve class?

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Can't say which is best but easiest at the moment (and by a lot I must add) Gunner and warden. I'm a total noob with lowly gear, and as a gunner I managed to solo stuff like heaven mandate and naryu labyrinth (stuff that the pros soloed long ago, I know, but lemme remind you how bad I am as a player). It's so easy to pull massive DPS from a gunner with just a few skills. On my warden, I started soloing midnight skypetal up to actually killing the level 1 sacred longuii. The thing comes with like 11 million HP. For a "tank", warden also does a fair amount of damage, but you have to keep track of both your HP and Resiliency counter.


Now, for fun, active classes, I feel KFM and BD are best for that. KFM can be a total god in the right hands. Not so sure about BD, but it's a class I feel has so much potential.

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