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Gunslinger bug please* please fix it *


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when i do skystone specifically move 2 evasive move......when your air borne  and your char is ending air borne status he is sometime stuck In a weird up and down animation where hes half way between top and bottom or in the middle of sky stone this has happen to me over 5 times and am certain of it i dont know if after a char do an aerial off the move or what but you cant move for like a good 5 seconds, your char just bouncing.. this happen alot of time to me in arena and i use it when fighting kfms  and it happens alot ,too common too, its after the warden patch i been seeing this bug but was lazy to report it ...... it leave me there defenseless as am force to wait.



i know theres a bug where if you get freeze when going airborne on skystone move 2 or if you get rooted you dont move, you stay on the ground , while having airborne skills available , but the bug at top is different.



please let me know if your are aware of the problem . thank you

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