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Shadow sin or lightning....? help with shadow

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So I have played lightning for most of my BnS sin career but  everyone says light sin is useless end game because most bosses have true sight, I already have Tiger bracelet and I'm not willing to farm mushins bs tower to get Dragon if I swap. is there any shadow sins that use Tiger and would be willing to help me get a hang on things for shadow sin because I want to be able to be of use and progress, but I just don't get shadow sin anyone willing to help and/or give feed back I would greatly appreciate it

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As far as I know, tiger is the way to go for the most efficient shadow sin build (I haven't looked it up a while, so if anything changed please correct me). Well at least before you get the new bracelet of course.


You go tiger bracelet, glory (fuse it with alluvion) and skyrift (after that of course vt badge). That way you got about 100% poison uptime, as you can reset your 4 with your 3 and also enough focus. And although my gear on the sin is rather weak, the damage is not bad. So it does work...

The main point is to not loose poison stacks, and with this build it gets super easy without having to get in and out of stealth. I guess the down side is that you bb has a rather long cd that way, as you can only lower it once you got the fused badge.

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Lightning Sin isn´t less useful than shadow. One difference is that light is harder to play cuz every attack of the boss can bring you out of stealth. The other is that you need good ping and fps to outdps shadow in high gear cuz in shadow you always instantly reset your choke bomb cd(needed for bracelet) while in Lightning you reduce it by 3sec every heartstab for 6 sec after using choke bomb(means you need to do 6 heartstabs in this time to permaproc your bracelet with VT8 Soulshields). The pro side is that you can move faster while dps´ing(but you need to) and you will never have focus problems also in lower gear. :D

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