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Assassin after 2 years


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Hey guys. So I've come back to BNS after a while and I'm contemplating whether to return to my old Sin (level 50 HM3) or start a new one (due to all of the changes). I would like to know what changed in the playstyle (I went through all the recent patch notes but I want to hear from the players themselves). I have a 140~180 ms in-game ping (sometimes l a bit lower), and while I don't remember a great plunge in DPS due to that fact, I hear that ping reliance has become much more pronounced. So, I would like to hear your advice, as this class was what drew me to BNS in the first place.


Thanks in advance

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Hello mate. My main is a SIN and i "tried" some other characters. What can i say about Sin, damn dude it`s AMAZING :x, you are next to mobs, evade, hit,evade hit, can feel the "fight" . You can play multiple roles with sin in party raids.( u can do party save with decoy )


You can chose between Dark and Light builds

Dark - BURST + nice dps overall

Light - in stealth ( little hard in raids ) + constant DPS + u need low PING


I played both of them, i prefer Dark 


If u want something new try Gunner....it`s the easiest class in my opinion. :D 




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