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Sunspark Rotation (Sentry Mode)


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Anyone have any good ideas for rushing sunsparks to get access to Sentry?

Safeguard(E) move 2 grants 1 (cooldown 60s)
Sever(4) on first hit generates 1 (cooldown 30s) Warning: Seems to add a spark if you hit a target or not.
Soul Flare (Z) on cast generates 1 (cooldown 90s)


Looks like we could start a battle with VZ2444F then TAB gaining access to sentry.
Afterwards Divine Flurry, Divine strike and Sword Salvo spamming.


Genesis Soul badge seems interesting considering Sword Salvo affects Blade Ward
(I'm aware people want courage for legendary badge fusion for the extended time duration on Sentry of 2s to the 6s base)

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If memory serves, the "burst" rotation to activate Sentry is to do something along the lines of:



You don't need to hit 4 more than once, since only the first cast of Sever stacks the sunspark. E is pretty much an instant cast, so it's easy to start with. Either way, you want to make sure that you hit V before going into Sentry (I think you can cancel V's animation with Tab... if not, Z might cancel it's animation, so swap Z and V) to get bonus damage when bursting (essentially to maximize your burst). After that, it's all about your 2 divine attacks then sword salvo.

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2 hours ago, pikapikapika said:

dumb question, why do i need to press v?  what does it do for me?  since only e 4 and z stack sunspark?

V procs your bracelet.  You should have this up along with E as fast as they come off cd

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