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asking for a favor

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Hello there , 

I have a really private issues . so for that i have uninstalled bns 2 months ago , but I really wanna continue that game ....

I have 1 favor to say:

can u say "Semo wants me to say hi for u " for anyone who is in Trusty Theives clan


there is some special members that i want u guys to say hi for them


Riunmay (sf) , or Riunara ( summoner)

Qiarity or qlarity








mugurama kensei

Tachibane kanade



my name in game was "hussamhaytham" a warlock.

I have uninstalled that game without reading what they were saying to me , i really feel bad for that and i appreciate ur help for messaging them.

Thank u very much /shy :sob: 


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