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Help confused newbie ( Almighty " Can`t choose a class problem " )


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Hello, first of all I need to apologize for my english, not my first one, but i`m trying!  




So, main problem is can`t pick up a class too play, all guide that I could find with my 5min google search look like somekind of an alien manuscript, class name, you need bla bla bla, then get item called bla bla, in skill build bla bla.....NOT an newbie friendly stuff, completely not! Yes, I tried youtube, it was hard, cat videos distracted me, but in my stuggle i found ton of videos, again, they were  aimed for people that knew what is happening on screen and not for me, who was sitting and telling himself, " Flashy, me like "

Or i`m just stupid. Anyyyway, problem of choice is a bit smaller, since I actually tried this game on launch, but vanilla classes never clicked for me( cant even remember to what level i got with them, around 40 or something ), but today I randomly found out bns has new classes!  


The actual question


So pool of choice  

Warlock, Gunslinger, Warden.


1. I need easy to master class ( Sadly, but i`m not an hardcore E-sport player, soo even if its OP class but hard to master, 75% that I will miserably fail )
2. What I can`t achieve through skill, i can do through having no life and that means, most of the time I sadly will be solo, and my class needs to help exactly that, I want to be self sufficient.

3. My PC is medium, so high FPS dependable class, could ruin my experience, but again, I do fit system requirements on website and game gonna sit on SSD.

4. Couldn`t find location of EU servers, so just gonna say i`m from Latvia, if that helps someone to figure out, how good my ping gonna be. ( Atleast remotely )

5. About playing goal, this is kinda problematic to answer since it depends on my mood. I like doing both pve and pvp. 50%/50%

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Hi Arau,

If you have ping, fps, connection problems...etc., then I would certainly not recommend classes like bd or actually bm (a bit more friendly but still).

Seeing from your choice list, gunslinger is a ranged class that almost spams a couple of skills. It never goes into melee range, so 70% of boss attacks won't bother you. However, since it's lacking on block and defense, you will have to use iframes at precise moments, but it's still a ping friendly class.

Warlock is a good and balanced class that can play a range of roles from dpsing, and buffs to tanking. Before warden, it was the only class with sb, a very important buff for raids, but now with warden everywhere, warlocks aren't kings as before. I still recommend it though.

Last, everyone says that warden is a ping friendly class. I haven't personally tried it to confirm, but it's a great class that can both dps and tank. It's also the hype right now, so they are everywhere.

I hope this bit of info helps you make a choice.


PS: if you want people to be willing to answer your inquiries, please refrain from writing an essay that has nothing to do with your question in the future.

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