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Sudden difficulty starting the game & FPS.


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yesterday and today i've played quite a lot blade and soul and i mostly were at my 100-120 FPS, sometimes dropping to 60-80 for a second or two. Some hours ago i closed the game to take a break (not with alt+f4, just the normal way via the ESC Option). I've tried to start the game the normal way i always go and suddenly the game just does not start, nothing happens. After restarting the computer several times and trying one or two times, the game finally starts again but now my game is at 15-24 FPS. Constantly. I did not change a single thing, neither do i have any other programs open which could cause the problem.


I even tried to figure out if the problem just depends on the new map i am, so i traveled back to an old town, just to see that the fps does not change. How can this happen suddenly? Does any one expierence similar things or does even know a resolution?



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