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Gunslinger's F2 bugs


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Since Gunslinger's release patch is impossible to seach gunner's character from the search box.

It been more than 1 year, when do you want to fix it?



Since Warden's release patch the F2 system doesn't display all gunner's stas and gear.

This is already the 2nd week, when do you want to fix it?


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This year old problem is not exclusive to gunners or wardens, any character created after the gunner patch cannot be searched for, regardless of class, the only exception i've heard of is when the character name was taken before gunner patch and deleted after gunner patch and a new character took the old name (not confirmed, i dare not delete one of my own to try, was someone else's observation). I'm guessing they have a lookup table to find names (to save time and resources) and that lookup table is no longer being updated with new names since the gunner patch...

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My Gunslinger has the same problem. If you go to (esc) Character status on the bottom bar, you should be able to see your stats there, at least that worked for me. it happened when upping a legendary object. Guess from your post they either don't know how to patch this, or are in no hurry. Anyway, try the status trick...

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NC Soft? Where are you?

It been already 6 weeks without a fix and still you didn't say anything about this inside the maintenance post.

Nice stuff the Trove, nice stuff the new p2w boxes, nice stuff the new shop event, but when do you want to fix Gunslinger's F2?

Maybe if all the gunslinger's players will stop giving you money, are you going to increase the priority of fix it?

It's humanly impossible that after 6 weeks you still didn't find a solution about this bug.

The bug is caused by legendary soulshield BT, VT and TT ones.

This bug was generated with the Warden's patch.

Compare the differences between the files of legendary soulshield before and after the patch and find a way to fix it.

If the problem isn't on files, check the F2's script.

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