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Turn weapon skins back to box

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I have a lot of weapon skins on my Summoner that would look pretty nice on my alts. However, these weapon skins are pretty ancient, so there are no supply of them until NCWest decides to put them on F10. If they put in on F10 but in Daily Specials, you can only buy one weapon box.


So I think weapon skins should be able to sealed back to their box form, which is account-bound. Here is a suggestion how to do it:


-Every F10/event weapon skins can be salvaged/transmute into account-bound weapon box.

-It may or may not take some delivery stamps to mail around.


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I will actually say no to this. You chose yourself to use those on your summoner, you could have left them in the box as they were or in your item box and claim them on an alt, but you didnt. Since you were concoius to make that decision you are stuck with it. Not to mention it would kill their sales.

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