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F2 (show nothing)

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19 hours ago, Everblack said:

I checked like 7 or 8 GS all was fine. They was in BT soul shields. For me F2 works on most GS, some are empty like some other classes. For my F2 empty are BnS Buddy users. 

Actually a very large percentage of the game's population uses BnS Buddy; Just comparing the seize of BnS buddy's discord server (9 000 users) to the raid recruitment discord (14 000) shows that BnS buddy has over 1/2 (about 2/3 actually) of  the population. Granted this isn't a very good representation cause not every one that plays is in the RR Discord nor is everyone that uses BnS buddy on BnS buddy's discord. But this does show that there would be far more players with bugged F2's if BnS buddy was to blame.

+ you can actually access F2 from a web browser... It's got literally nothing to do with the game.
Here is a random F2 from someone that likely left the game 2 years ago (cause I don't want to involve an active player)

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