Weapon Illusion Bound To Account Please

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Hello, i am an old player and back in the days i bought an weapon illusion pack which gives u weapon illusion for every class ,in the recieved items panel. I didn't know that i need to click on only one weapon to get it (For example on my KFM i have to click only on Gauntlet if i want it, on Summoner only on Staff) so i just clicked somewhere i dont even remember and i recieved whole pack and i got all the weapons. I cannot send them to my other characters , because the weapons illusion are not bound on account and i dont really want to sell them ,i just feel bad throwing them on the window since they are super lovely. So since then i have weapon illusion for FM DES BM BD and SF in my KFM inventory .I sent ticket but they told me to post to see your opinion. This is a rather old problem since the new weapon illusion chests only gives u one weapon but please say your opinion. There is maintanance ATM, later i might post pictures to show you how they used to look when u bought weapon illusion pack because i have one more old illusion pack in recieved items or whatever name delivery but i didnt mess up with that one because i learnt from the first mistake

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Weapon illusion chests should be account bound, no reason not to be. That bundle with a bunch of materials you wanted for something else? Yeah, enjoy the character bound stuff too.

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