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Launcher Download 0% Issue


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So an issue happened earlier where my launcher had to repair files for some reason, but it would stick on repair files. After being stuck for 2 hours, I uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher from a recommendation. When I try to update the launcher, it will either stick on 0% "Downloading Version 106..." OR it will actually start to download at full speed (around 1.5mb/s) and then quickly drop speed until around 20kb/s, then trickle down to 0 and re stick at that with no download speed displayed. I was told to try running as Administrator and turning off firewall, when I click "Run as administrator", nothing happens, but that is an entirely different issue, another that I can't seem to fix with the magic help of Google. 


If there is anything else I am missing, or should try, please let me know. I appreciate any and all help.

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