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can you guys stop adding brain dead classes to the game thanks.


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1 hour ago, Captain WeebM@ster said:

After 2 years they finally nerfed wl... and they instantly added another class that is even more broken then wl pre-nerf, didn't think that was even possible gg NCsoft i almost praised ya 

And rank 1 pvp already warden

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Yea, it's really ridiculous... just to milk the whales, and people actually protect this dumb behaviour in faction chat... like its a normal for a company to try and make money with pissing off the players who like to pvp.. So many people already got bored of the unbalanced nonsense in pvp, and then they finally nerf WL/Gunner... and they add wardens, which is more broken then both of they were combined :/ 
And every season new trash talking kids on their fotm overbuffed class, who you'll never see again after their class gets nerfed back in place..

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5 hours ago, LuIius said:

tfw op is a fm complaining about brainded classes in the bg section

obviously can't even read... this isn't the BG section.
But ARENA and bg section...
And literally everyone noticed the class is broken as hell... even most wardens will agree to this, except a few trolls who probably just rerolled to warden from their gunner ;)
Like I said, always new trolls on their newly made flavor of the month noob class talking shi… Till they get nerfed back into place, then you never see them again... 


FM been the class with the least amount of gold+ people for many seasons now, and don't give me that 'nobody likes to play fm cause it's too easy' cause everytime they add an easy noob class everyone and their mum rerolls to it..

And FM actually needs a combo at 6v6, unlike other classes who literally press 1 key to get you into the air and ur dead.. or 1 hit you another way... FM combo is much more complicated and much harder to hit... if you die to fm badge you're terrible..


gold + people in pvp

FM 151 (11 of which are mine)
BM 410
KFM 309
Des 298

SIN 299

SUM 413

BD 361
WL 302
SF 216
GS 233
War 141 (but this class exists 3 days....) and warden is already rank 1 overall 1v1
So other classes literally have double the amount.... nuf said.
And no, I don't say FM is weak... but don't tell me it's easy, or broken like warden or gunner was before nerf

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12 hours ago, zlAntrax said:

No offense but you are one of the biggest memes ive seen in this game why do you even have so many fms? LUL

Considering the fact that out of your 7 reactions on the forum at least 4 were aimed at me..
And the fact you lost when I challenged you to a match without wallbang.. I assume you're a memelord who loves memes, and you mean this as a good thing.
So why I got this many FM's? same reason you do..

The reason I don't try and push for a top rank? can be found here on the forum.. like I told you a few times now, I been laggy since they changed the servers... the game used to be just fine..
And no its not my internet, it's ONLY the EU server that has pingspikes, anything else I ping at the same time is just fine.. 


This is what I got 23 outa 24hours a day...
Just like many others, many who already quit long ago...
Many who are much better then you, but aren't blessed with the same ping you have..
You aren't anything special dude, you're just one of the lucky few who is blessed with a stable ping.
Good luck doing combo's when outa the 10 keys u press 2/3 don't respond..


Now go have fun on your warden, you know very well that it's broken..
How long does Zay play the class now? :) a few days, and you play fm how many years? and he took ur spot.


And literally all things I complained about have been nerfed by now.. warden will follow soon.
Just like BD which I complained about long ago, and BM after, Gunner, Warlock, double cat stun... the list is endless.. always something new that's just totally ridiculous... (and people know this cause everyone and their mum rerolls to that class that season) but eventually it all got nerfed.

And now at the moment it would be decently balanced, they add this dumb class.

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