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Why is this bug still not fixed? I see no one on my friends list still???

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So since the last trove before this one, my friends list has no one on it. I haven't seen ncsoft address this issue??..if they have, and i've missed it please enlighten me as to what has been said. As it stands, I cannot see any friends on my f4. I cannot see purple dots on my map indicating friends. This is getting beyond frustrating as this is ment to be a SOCIAL game yet I can't interact with people unless I have their name memorized or unless they are in my clan. It is a joke. Please get this fixed asap ncsoft I can't believe this has been allowed to be broken for so long. To be clear I am not complaining about the well known bug from launch where people do not appear online/offline I am not seeing anyone AT ALL. No names at all, here is how it has looked for weeks and weeks now:  2j2gfvl.png

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hahaha i just noticed your post because i just did the same thing yesterday gave the game abit of a go and low and behold still no friends list still and when you view your characters history it should be blank too i think the glitch is on that character specifically as one of my friends with the glitch made a new character and oh look he has a fully working social system again just has to start from the beginning all again which is sadly really crappy its been nearly been a year for me and this is still a problem they only way i can play with people i know is if i see them in the game or if i have them on discord messaging them funny how we both still have the glitch though

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same for me, it's been over a month and they didnt fix anything. It's really annoying and frustrating with 0/0 friends, like why is this not fixed yet? there's been hotfixes for a female npc having a male voice, but they can't even fix a 0/0 friendslist bug that is affecting so many people in the game for several months ?

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