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Unable to finish Mushin Tower F16 // Frost Soul Fighter


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I was debating hard whether to post it or nah. But I really am stuck rn. 


I finished the storyline 2 days ago and I'm currently trying to get Draken Cores to buy Eternity Belt and Oath Necklace. But the thing is I'm stuck at clearing Floor 16. 

Here's my Character info > https://bnstree.com/character/na/Duendee Any tips? Mechanics? (I've seen one yt video where gunner with basic gear was able to clear this easily aaa so I should be able to do this too) 


I also am trying to get some Hexagonal gems after this patch update. 


Also, I'd like to know what are the best rotations for frost soul fighter as rn I haven't figured it out. 


Thank you!

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