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Random fps drops in vortex


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Hey everyone. My sister is a huge blade and soul lover and she recently asked me to build her a new desktop that could run blade and soul better than her old computer. She wanted more of a budget build so I thought that a 2nd gen ryzen 3 CPU, and an msi OC amd RX580 GPU, and 16GB of ram would be way more than enough. But lately she has been saying that she gets extreme FPS drops whenever she is in a "vortex raid" or whenever someone activates the skill called "blackwing." i havent played BnS in a long time so she explicitly told me that she has no issue with a skill called "soul burn" and she ONLY has issues with "blackwing." When I looked at all the issues, my guess is that its either an amd related issue, or that a ryzen 3 cpu simply isnt powerful enough. Since I dont know much about BnS on different hardware, I was hoping someone in this forum could let me know if theres issues with amd or if a ryzen 3 cpu just isnt enough. thanks for any info.

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