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So I'm a fan of JoJo. 


I've been wanting to find a character in an MMO that can "ORAORAORAORA" the most in games!


I know there's the Striker in Black Desert Online but the, essentially, Skill-Lock of the game turned me off; who is basically quite a liberal who "Wants to do what he wants". 


So what class in BnS do you think is the closest to getting to ORAORAORAORA status? I haven't seen nearly enough skills yet but I want to get my ORAORAORAORA game on before I dedicate myself to a character. 



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Lol fam KFM or SF, SF used to be more like it with the old animations but the feeling is still the same, it just has fancier animations. KFM involves more animation cancelling AKA more work and involves a wider variety of skills.

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