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Starting Fresh as Warden this week (Need help with gem gearing ?

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What do you have now?  If you have nothing then diamond, ruby, aquamarine, amethyst then the rest in any order except amber (strictly pvp).  Obvious you won't have access to the obsidian or garnet until you get to lvl 55 grind unless you already have them.  If so, for obsidian (ice or lightning for warden) and with the new garnet stats update it will be worth socketing.  During the story line you will be given gems.  They won't be Hongmoon gems but will be better than nothing until you can purchase better.  You will also be a frequent flyer to Celestial Basin to farm peaches for more gems, along with dailies for solar energy to get the Hongmoone variety.  If you plan on going full in on trove then the best of luck and maybe you will get some good gems.

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