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BM Returns To Idle While In Combat


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Hey, guys recently I have been struck with a bug in which my BM returns into Idle stance mid-combat. I do not know if it has happened to anybody else and can't find this topic being brought up anywhere in the forums either but if it has please feel free to direct me to that thread. The issue that I have comes up mostly in the TT Raid (Chol Mugo Arch) me and my progression raid tends to wipe to this a lot. It tends to be like a lottery which at times seems fine and other times my BM straight up refuses to stay in combat and just casually sheaths his weapon causing me to die and ultimately wipe the raid completely  this is  a Video I recorded of it happen.

Context to this is since I was in Draw Stance to Iframe the cone attack with Five Point Strike

it is annoying having to sometimes play Russian Roulette if you run out of all the other Iframes and that is your last resort I wish NCSoft wouldn't always ruin things with an update or maintenance


P.s. I know that I can also Iframe it with Shoulder Charge + Cyclone which is not an issue  it is annoying having to sometimes play Russian Roulette if you run out of all the other Iframes and that being your last resort 


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Getting out of combat happens regularly when you get switched from one party to another, but it seems there are other reasons for this as well. Intrestingly, in your video it happened right after that Sin in the other party was reviving to full health, though that may as well have been just a coincidence.

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Yes it has happened to me and other BMs as well....not just in raids but in dungeons too. It is annoying that it randomly puts you back into basic stance. Not entirely sure what the cause is?

However here's a suggestion. Where you used Shoulder Charge to i-frame the white rectangular AOE, use SS instead and save Shoulder Charge for the red cone AOE. Just what I tend to do now instead of risking it and I use 5-point for the first white aoe. After that, its just repeat using the same i-frames for those attacks and that way you literally just stay in 1 spot for the whole fight. No need to Q/E. 


Hope I helped and good luck!

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It can happen when a boss (any) starts a new phase/stance. It also happens if you have a BD in your party from what I noticed.


Now for tanking tips. Dont waste C on the rectangular AoE. Simply walk through the boss, going to the left side, or use SS like Shakuu91 said.

When the boss enters Doom Mode, just SS from the back of the boss to his front.





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