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PVE hero game meta

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We all know Ncsoft doesn't care about pvp balance, and they prefer to milk people on 6v6 pve as long as they can.


But watching pvp tourny more and more you can realize its all about pve as well.

First we got the warlock aerial non tabbable & wallbang meta. Lock your opponent for 5sec where he can't do sh**. This was last year way to go.

Now this year people learned to deal with wallbang, Wl aerial still strong and here comes a new challenger : scummoner & gunner.

We entered the new meta of warlocks/scums/gunnar when its all about running with iframes and getting that rmb spam when possible.


What a shame, "art martial fighting game skill based" yet you just have to play pve hero classes to easily win and do insane damage. We can't even talk about outplay or skill, all we see as viewers is people running + iframe and doing some pve instead of skilled combos.


High skill cap classes blademaster & KFM has became irrelevent. Yet they are those classes that represent(ed) the more the martial art skill game bns relied at its beginning.


The fighting gameplay was all it lasted from this game, everyone was like "ok everything sucks here but the fighting gameplay is the best we've seen in a mmo yet", yet they want to make it disappear as well for pve heroes.

This game is more and more a waste. Only thing there is to know is how many years before its (obvious) death.




This post is not directed toward ncwest or their esport management, they don't know sh** about the game anyway, no interest to talk to pawns on a chessboard.

This post is not directed toward nckorea since they abandonned pvp long ago (and hello reduced prize pool) and will never read me.

This post is just me who wanted to write smth knowing its all useless.

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