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Update got BnS mode working for game pad.


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Mouse and kb work fine but when i use an xbox controller the camera control becomes very unresponsive and character movement becomes static and hard to do anything in. 


Edit: figured out how to fix BnS mode for Xbox controllers 


If you use a controller in BnS mode the left right up and down camera controls will not function properly and only the 4 corners can pan the camera


To fix this issue upon clicking on BnS executable or short cut the small NCSoft box will pop up


Go to settings and run the game in 32 bit instead of 64 bit


Then log into the game


Activate BnS mode then scroll down to reactivatw gamepad mode and lower X and Y sensitivy to around 5 or 10 any higher and it causes any minor turn to pan through your character causing disorientation.


It functions pretty well now.

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