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Summoner Dynasty Mystic Badge "Bug?""


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So...not sure if this should be classified as a bug....but the earth mystic badge states that it refreshes the cooldown of thorn strike on a successful thorn strike during the autumn leaves buff....

Now, it does not state "on hit" so by successfull thorn strike i assume they mean when you use the skill.....


what happens is even tho you have autumn leaves active, if thorn strike misses, you do not get the refreshed cooldown....

Either fix this or clarify the description.

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On 9/4/2018 at 6:38 PM, Irianna said:

That is what "successful" means in this context, my friend. If Thorn Strike misses... well, that was not a successful Thorn Strike and therefore you do not get the refreshed cooldown.

With others it says literally "on hit" so if it works with hit, they should update it to say "on hit" and not "successfull" because if i use the skill, it is successful.

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