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I think speed-normalized projectile goes wrong

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If you play a Wind Summoner or an Ice Warlock at low ping, you will notice that your RMB fire rate is slower than before, thus affecting your DPS.


Previously, in order for these two classes to maximize DPS, they need to stand in melee range to improve their RMB fire rate. In order to resolve that, NCSoft decides to normalize the speed so that RMB fire rate will be the same regardless of distance so that ranged classes do not need to go melee.


While this is a good intention, NCSoft does it wrong. Instead of normalize projectile speed to its best performance, they choose to make it the worst: the projectile speed are normalized as if you always fire your projectile at 16m, instead of 1m where you get the best fire rate before. 


So yeah, for these two builds at low ping, such a normalization is a nerf for them.

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