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In your opinion, what is the DPS tier list like for this year?

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A group of friends and I have been having a fun discussion about the current state of each classes in the game thus far and their related DPS. I figured I'd ask you guys, just for fun - and to see what you guys think:


What is your ranking for each class in terms of DPS for this year so far? From best to worse, 1 to 10, A to D, etc. use whatever ranking you want ^^


It'd be interesting to see what you guys think, imo, when you're playing with other classes in the game.

Please remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there's no 'right or wrong', just let your rankings do the talking ^^ if you want to state why you ranked them that way, then go ahead, but try not to dis other player's rankings.

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Truth be told dps in this game doesnt even matter....


Dungeons are soo easy to cheese through that its irrelevant, and raids are a group effort, so if one messes up its wither a wipe or a close call so people just fill in for where the damage is lacking.

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9 hours ago, Junamaki said:

Tbh there definitely is a right or wrong answer when it comes to dps rankings, as some classes clearly don’t output the same dps as others. For instance if someone made the claim that bm does more dps than kfm or sin they would be wrong.

True also there is no point for a dps list where 90% of your damage output is determined by basically your ping and fps.

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Dps is decided by ping + fps.


Now with that out of the way I can give you some info. Not sure if Im 100% correct but here goes: 


On high ping (200ms + especially for 300ms+) with the appropriate gears:

Fire fm, fire gunner, shadow des, shadow sin hold rmb only build, maybe earth sum. These are the most functional at high ping.


On low ping optimal conditions, the way the classes are meant to be played:


+ Solo without party buffs and with appropriate gears of course: SF both elements, shadow sin, earth sum, wind KFM, wind BD


+ With party buffs: SF both elements, shadow sin, earth SUM, fire FM, fire GUN, wind BD


The classes and elements I didnt mention are just a tiny bit lacking behind... So if you like some classes but dont see it got mentioned, just play away. The difference in dps during party environment is mostly minimal anyway and it all just comes down to your ping and fps like HateMe above me has said.


Ive heard that the upcoming warden class is having top dps as well... Not sure about how ping hungry it is though.

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Well you could actually get a bunch of different answers for this since you aren’t specific under what conditions you’re asking about each classes dps. Under perfect conditions then there is only one true dps list and opinions don’t matter but if you factor in ping and such then it could be different. Also it’s different depending on each region (kr dps tier will be different from na/eu). Lets also not forget that some classes will do more dps in hm training room than the real deal.

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