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Server Maintenance?

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4 minutes ago, Kayama said:

at least we got a fast answer wich is worthy of praise. yes hes talking about the server.

Oh pft im already really a fan of the company itself they helped me resolve a payment issue a while back which no other company would have cared to resolve i am absolutely astonished at this company

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16 minutes ago, Bronn said:



We are currently investigating issues related to Jinsoyun. Right now, we don't have an ETA, but we'll let you know once we have new information.


Thank you for your patience!

Affected by it too, I hope when you guys fix it also don't mess the network again, suddenly getting 400ms constant in dungeon with a 50mbit fiberoptics conn and stable ping to any other services, thank you.

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Thanks for the reports of the latency spikes. We've forwarded this information to our technical teams.


As for such incidents: We usually don't post an information about such an outage in the News section in the forums. You can find an information in the Dev tracker of the main site, our Ops Twitter and here.


Right now, our investigation is still ongoing and I still have to ask for your patience.

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Sum sudden fpa spikes keep happening for me like 2days ago. My normal ms in game is 85-110 but at some times with no reason it went to 400-600 and stayed there for quite some time. Even before server crahsed got same latency isue loged off and server crashed few mins latter xD

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